Garden Judging

After spending another 3 hours in the garden this morning, I think it really paid off. Elisha helped for awhile with arranging plants and general cleaning. He worked really hard. I lined up the plants alone the edge of the veggie garden. I neatly (creatively) arranged the plants on the bookshelf. I had a wicker heart planter that I put a few petunas in. I had a really neat iron wrought holder that I put a few little plants in. The toys were tidied and thrown in the sandbox (with a lid). The empty pots were thrown in garbage bags and brought into the house (they need to be sorted and organized and some need to go bye bye). I swept and made everything all pretty. The judges came. There were four of them. They gave me a nice canvas bag for entering. They all said the garden looked beautiful. They loved how it was organized (all the little square feet). They all commented how much work I had put into it. They took some pictures. They asked if I was coming to the awards ceremonies (of course I am – a free dinner, time with Jonah, an excuse for babysitting, chatting with other gardeners, etc). Anyways… it was very positive. I am no longer anxious. Now we just wait a couple of weeks and attend the awards ceremony to see who wins. It is suggested that you bring pictures of your garden or fruits of your labor to the awards night. I am hopefully going to bring some photographs. You are also allowed to bring seeds to share. It sounds like a fun evening, but Jonah may be a little bored spending the evening talking about gardens. The stress of the morning is over. Time to feed my boys. Elisha has stepped out with Grandma and Grandma for lunch so hopefully we will have a quiet afternoon.


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