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Strep Throat
Well, I got the call on Saturday (after a clinic visit on Thursday). I have strep throat again. I picked up the antibiotic on Sunday afternoon. Same yucky antibiotic that tastes like nail polish remover. Hopefully I will be able to lick it this time. I have also been given some great home remedies to try (like vit c and garlic) that I will be using along with the antibiotic.
My Garden
The garden contest judging is on Wednesday morning. Please pray that I get all the work done that needs to be done and don’t run myself ragged in the the meantime. We discovered a whole lot of little problems out there that I don’t have time to write about now. Needless to say, we have a lot of just general cleanup and maintenance stuff that needs to be done. I have slacked off the last couple of weeks with being sick. I just pray I will have wisdom when working out there today and tomorrow.
Web Marketing and Internet Business
A couple of interesting sites… My aunt sent me a link to a great site this morning.
And from that site I found the following site. This one will be great for future reference.
Natural Learning
The boys have been doing a lot of natural learning.
Elisha has been learning about working for his money. He has been learning how to count money.
The boys have been learning about the value of recycling and reusing. We purchased reusable grocery bags from superstore and had a long discussion about that.
We have been learning about animals from taking care of the guinea pigs. We have visited a large pet store and a pet section of another store looking at the animals. We have spent time looking close up at a neighbor’s baby kittens.
We have been learning alot about the garden. We have been learning about the pests that can harm the garden and the insects that are good for the garden. We are also learning about the safe ways (organic) to deal with the pests without harming the garden. We have been learning alot about what plants need and how they grow. We have been learning about how to improve the soil and help the plants have the right nutrients to grow. This learning has been very hands on.
Well, I guess that is all for now. Hopefully more pictures of the garden will follow soon.

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