14 Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day GiftsI have searched the web and found these links to fun gifts that you can make and give to the little people you love this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Purr-fect Kitty Valentines
  2. Butterfly Card
  3. Homemade Valentine Ideas
  4. Valentine’s Day Handmade Gifts
  5. Adding Crochet Edge To Paper Valentines
  6. Lovebird
  7. Animal Lovers
  8. Heart Shaped Goggles
  9. Captive Heart
  10. DIY Valentine’s Day Cards
  11. Valentine’s Day Banner
  12. Paper Hearts Crafts Activities
  13. Valentine’s Day Paper Crown
  14. Heart Crayons

And if you are still looking for more ideas…

101 Valentine’s Day Ideas

What are you making for (or with) your kids this Valentine’s Day? 

14 Valentine’s Day Craft Recipes

Valentine's Day Craft Recipes

Playing with play dough is one of my family’s favorite things. I went digging to find some creative play dough recipes. There is something different about each of these recipes below. I hope you will find one (or more) that you can enjoy.

  1. Chocolate Play Dough Recipe
  2. Valentine’s Day Play Dough Recipe
  3. Glitter Play Dough Recipe
  4. Pink Play Dough
  5. Strawberry Scented Play Dough Recipe
  6. Play Dough Necklaces And Tags
  7. Party Ideas
  8. Play Dough Is Fun Only If Someone Else Makes It 
  9. Scented Herbal Play Dough
  10. Swoon Worthy Lacy Pink Valentine Play Dough Ornaments
  11. Homemade Playdough Valentine’s Day Kids Craft
  12. Valentine’s Play Dough
  13. Glitter Playdough
  14. Recipe For White Playdough 

What is your favorite play dough recipe? 

Valentine’s Day Sensory Play

Sensory Place

What follows is a list of some amazing sensory buckets and activities. All the posts have great pictures, so take some time to visit and plot some fun adventures for your children.

  1. Valentine’s Sensory Bucket
  2. Valentine Touchy Feely Hearts
  3. Baking Sensory Tub
  4. Valentine’s Day Sensory Box
  5. Valentine’s Sensory Bucket
  6. Valentine’s Day Sensory Bucket
  7. February Sensory Tub
  8. Valentine’s Day Sensory And Imagination Bin
  9. Sensory Heaven
  10. Valentine’s Day Sensory Tub
  11. Learning About Love, Valentine’s Sensory Bin, And Playdoh
  12. Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin
  13. February Sensory Tub
  14. Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

special needs

While these sensory play activities are good for any child, they are particularly useful for children with sensory issues or other special needs.

What sensory activities are you planning for Valentine’s Day? 

14 Valentine’s Day Printables


I can’t believe how fast January passed us by. In a few short days it will be my mom’s birthday (and I almost forgot – please don’t tell her) and then Valentine’s Day, followed by two family anniversaries at the end of the month.

  1. Adorable Printable Valentine’s Cards
  2. Cute Valentine’s Cards – and more
  3. Be Mine Valentine’s Cards
  4. Valentine’s Day Pre K Pack
  5. Valentine’s Day Labels And Stickers
  6. Valentine Vocabulary Builder
  7. Coloring Sheets
  8. Free Valentines
  9. Valentine Labels
  10. Valentine’s Day Cards
  11. Valentine’s Day
  12. Valentine’s Day Homeschool Download
  13. Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages
  14. Valentine’s Day Free Printables
Bonus Printables:

There are MANY more free printables out there. Have you found any good ones?