Tech Tuesday – Introducing The Periodic Table


In our science lesson yesterday we did a short introduction to the periodic table. We had a nice and colorful periodic table in our book and I was able to print one out from here – simple black and white periodic table – for their notebooks.

I thought it would be fun to take a little detour from our book (Our Planet Earth) and visit two sites that will tell us a little more about the periodic table in interesting ways.

And play some games that I made for The Beehive (they are all FREE).

Chemistry Class Chemistry Class Exploring The Elements Chemistry Class Vocabulary Cards

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Tech Tuesday

Welcome back to Tech Tuesday.

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Today I wanted to share about one of the ways we use our iPad.

Jonah has been making these wonderful Lighthouse Memory Club animations for the kids and we have all been learning our memory verses. You will be hearing more about the Lighthouse Memory Club as time goes on, but today I just want to show you this PDF that we use.

We wanted a quick and easy way to review our memory verses every morning, so Jonah set to work and came up with a nice little PDF that we can use on our iPad.

I apologize for the fuzzy pictures – I had a 3 year old hanging off my arm while I was trying to take them.


So Jonah is working on a series of memory verse animations (I said that already, right?). All of these characters are in the animation. It will be available on DVD sometime in the near future.


Each family member is a character in the animations – doing voices. Jonah has more than one character that he does voices for (man, can he do voices!).

text bigger

This PDF that Jonah made is like a little book that you can turn the pages of – or make text bigger on.

fluorescent and lloyd

Jonah and I have worked on the colorful graphics together. There are cute graphics, but no moving parts for this PDF.


Each of the kids associates their character with their memory verse. I wonder what is going to happen when we go to do the next set of verses?

Knight Light

They all love their characters, but practising lines over and over again is not always fun.


So are you ready to grab your own PDF of these memory verses? Memory Verse Book Volume 1 (don’t worry, it’s free!)

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Tech Tuesday

I apologize for not getting a post up for Tech Tuesday yesterday, but life has been a wee bit crazy around here since my son’s trip to the ER on Sunday (post about that coming soon).

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Since my husband and I both work from home on our computers we have naturally incorporated computers into our homeschool. Our children have learned how to do all of the following (and more):

Moses Making An Animation
Moses Making An Animation

How do you use the computer in your homeschool?

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