Malachi is 9!

My son is 9!

He is an incredible kid.

He is full of action.

He likes almost any type of super hero.

He is the kid most likely to join the Military when he gets older.

With his imaginative mind and sweet smile he charms almost anyone.

This year was special, he was able to see his Grandma(my mom).

Without further ado here is a video for his birthday.

God Bless.

Jonah Brown

Dad’s Surprise Birthday Party

For as long as I can remember my dad has been organizing a community dinner to feed the poor and needy. I found a scripture, completely by accident, this weekend that fit him perfectly and created a plaque to give him for his birthday.  (You can click on the image to purchase it at my Etsy Store).

Open Your Hand

My Dad turns 65 next week and my mom thought that it would be a wonderful idea to throw him a surprise party and invite all his friends. She did an amazing job organizing the party and inviting everyone (over 30 people). We all managed to keep from spilling the beans, even my kids. I am amazed that he didn’t somehow figure it out.

We enjoyed an amazing evening at Montana’s with all our family and friends and my kids were so well behaved. I was very impressed. With the exception of a spilled pop and some mini ice cream cones on the floor there were no major incidents.

My parents are kind of old fashioned and don’t like their pictures on the Internet, but I still wanted to share our adventures, so I am showing you the pictures of our family and my kids that I can.




When was the last time you got totally surprised?

Basic Olympic Information To Get You Started


The Olympics are fast approaching again and they have special meaning in our house this year. They start on my son’s 11th birthday. This will be something meaningful for him to remember over the years. It is also the day that my aunt comes to visit.

I thought it would be fitting for my first post about the Olympics, this year, to include some basic information.

The Official Olympic Information

The Official London 2012 Olympic Information

News Sites Covering The Olympics


Amelia Earhart’s 115th Birthday

amelia earhart

Did you know that Amelia Earhart turns 115 today? Well, she would if she was still alive. I don’t remember learning much about Amelia Earhart when I was in school, but I do remember that she was the lady who flew.

Take a few moments and have a read over these two articles/sites to get a better understanding of who Amelia Earhart was and the impact she had. You might be surprised about some of things you read, as I know that I was.

If you are looking to use this as a learning experience with your kids, you can find some public domain images on this Amelia Earhart media page and create your own notebooking pages or worksheets.

Photo Credit: Public Domain 

This Week In Review

Not in any particular order this week: 

A Death

Jonah’s grandpa passed away this week. Here is the obituary. The funeral is on Monday. We will not be travelling to the funeral, but will support our family via telephone and skype.

We have been learning about family this week. There has been lots of chatter with the kids about the history on Jonah’s side of the family. Good discussions with historical information.

A Birthday

I had a birthday this week. Check out the birthday movie that my husband made for me.

My sister came over and brought me a really neat book.

My parents brought me flowers, a lovely gift bag full of lavender (my favorite scent) bath stuff, a book, and a heat gun (for embossing).

It was a good birthday. No pictures this year as I wasn’t feeling well for most of it.

Gardening That Wasn’t

We had plans to get out in the garden this week, but the sky was cloudy and the rain made the garden a wee bit muddy. So, we didn’t get out in the garden until today (Saturday). The kids (Moses, Malachi, Zion, and Hosanna) did a good job turning the dirt in one part of the garden. The image above shows before pictures from last week. I am hoping we can make more  progress this coming week.

Daddy did pull out the seed bucket and have a look with the kids, but we will definitely spend more time doing that this coming week.

Summer Break Is Near

We are nearing the end of our school year. I can’t believe there are only two more weeks left. This year has gone by so fast. We are taking June 15th to July 2nd off for our summer break this year.

I am linking up to the Weekly Wrap-up over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

What are you doing this summer?