Stories Online To Support Speech Therapy

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This week I am writing about speech therapy. I went in search of Speech Therapy Resources for Malachi and found some great ones. An internet search also yielded some wonderful  iPad Apps For Speech Therapy. Then I gathered all my favorite sites and made a list of Printable Resources For Speech Therapy (and found some excellent new ones too). Finally, yesterday I posted about some great Games And Activities For Speech Therapy.

Today we are talking about places to listen to stories and books online. 

I had no idea that there were so many places online where my children can listen to books being read. Listening to books online does not take away from reading to your children, but it gives them even more exposure to words.

Check out this list of places to have stories read to you online:

  1. Story Place
  2. CBeebies
  3. KOL Jr. Stories
  4. Speakaboos
  5. Storyline Online
  6. Children’s Storybooks Online
  7. Ziggity Zoom
  8. Lil Fingers Storybooks
  9. MightyBooks
  10. Starfall
  11. Online Storytime
  12. Mee Genius

What are your favorite books to read with your kids?

Speech Therapy Games and Activities

special needs

This week we are talking about resources for doing speech therapy at home. I am exploring the different speech therapy resources available to help my son Malachi.

We have also talked about iPad apps for speech therapy and printables for speech therapy.

My kids love it when I play games and activities with them. I love it when I can sneak a learning activity in without them realizing that they are “doing school.”

I found some great ideas for speech and languages games and activities on these sites:

What are your favorite games and activities to use with your children (for speech or other learning activities)? 

Printable Resources For Speech Therapy

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For two days now I have been talking about speech therapy resources to help our son Malachi. I shared a list of speech therapy products and catalogs and then I shared a list of iPad apps for speech therapy for Tech Tuesday.

I love worksheets and printables. I also love taking materials and re-purposing them to create activities that can fill certain needs in our homeschool.

I gathered a short list of some of my favorite alphabet and phonics resources:

And then I went searching for some resources specific to speech therapy:

How do you re-purpose existing resources for your homeschool?

What resources do you use for helping your child with speech therapy?

Tech Tuesday

iPad Apps For Speech Therapy

Tech Tuesday

Today is Tech Tuesday (I apologize for completely missing last week) and I thought I would talk about our iPad again.

Do you have an iPad or other mobile device? Do you use it with your children?

Yesterday I spoke about needing to help Malachi with his speech in order to help him learn to read. We have an iPad and I knew that there must be resources we could use for speech therapy on there.

Here are some of the Apps that we already have that could be used to help with speech therapy:

I also went on an Internet hunt for iPad Apps to research and investigate further. I found a couple of individual apps that were reviewed by Apps for Homeschooling (awesome site, by the way) and some other great apps.

Individual Apps:

Did you know that Starfall now has an app?  We have long been fans of Starfall, so I was very excited to see them moving into the app world. 

I was excited to find a few great list of apps specific for Speech and Language that I want to explore.

Lists Of Speech Therapy Apps:

What apps do you use for helping your child with their speech?

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If you have a post about technology and you want to link up to Tech Tuesday, please leave your link in the comments.

Special Needs

When Speech Hinders Reading – Resources To Check Out

Special Needs

Malachi is our 8 year old. He is still struggling to learn how to read. We have tried all kinds of resources, but I am really starting to think that his speech is part of what is hindering his ability to learn to read. He is starting to pick up on the reading, but he is making very slow progress.

Now it is time to start looking into resources that we can use to create a speech therapy program at home. I started researching and brainstorming and I found a list of products to research and some catalog companies to check out. (there are NO affiliate links here)

Individual Products to research further:

Companies That Sell Speech & Language Products:

Have you used any of these products or companies? What do you think of them? Do you have any other speech therapy products you can recommend to me?

Amy from Raising Arrows shares her experience with Speech Delay Problems in her home and some great steps her family took to make progress.

I also found this wonderful article about Speech Language Therapy and The Homeschooler by Katie who guest posted over at Hip Homeschool Moms.

Special Children over at had an excellent article on different ways to do speech therapy in the home.

Pam did a wonderful guest post at Spell Out Loud answering some basic questions about speech therapy. She gives some wonderful suggestions for mom’s with little ones.

If you have any experience with speech problems and your children, I would love to read your blog posts or hear your stories. Please leave me a note in the comments.