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Using Cheese To Make Plastic That Cleans Itself?


I came across this interesting article the other day and I thought it was worth sharing. Scientists have discovered a way to use a fungus found in cheese to make a plastic that cleans itself.

I am simply amazed at the things that scientists are coming up with these days. This was a very interesting read and generated an interesting discussion in our homeschool today.

What are you discussing in your homeschool these days?

Top Ten Reasons We Learn At Home

creating family memories

In light of the recent teacher’s job action in B.C., I have been thinking about some of the reasons our family has chosen to learn at home. This list is not exhaustive by any means.

  1. We can learn in our pyjamas.
  2. We can learn when we are sick.
  3. We can take vacations on our own schedule.
  4. We don’t have to pay for child care.
  5. We can learn at our own pace.
  6. We can take field trips whenever we want.
  7. We don’t have to worry about over crowding.
  8. We don’t have a limit to the number of special needs kids in our classroom.
  9. We can tailor the learning style to meet each individual child.
  10. We don’t have to worry about strikes (unless mom and dad want to go on one).

What are some of the reasons you homeschool? 

I am linking up with Top Ten Tuesday which has moved to Many Little Blessings.

Top Ten Tuesday

Homeschooler, How Does Your Garden Grow?

urban garden

With spring just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to the garden. We live in the city, so we have a tiny backyard garden and we need to make the most of our space. In the six years that we have lived in our row house, we have had some variety of garden just about every year.

I love having a garden. It gives us an excuse to get off technology and get out side. I have a secret. I like playing in dirt. I love running the dirt through my fingers and breaking up the clumps.

I even enjoy finding knotted worms

knotted worms

and funky snails.


What I really enjoy is planting things that my family can eat. The most common things that grow well in our garden are tomatoes, snap peas, and beans.

It is time to dig out the garden/seed bucket, develop a plan with the kids, and then get outside.

  1. Have you planted your garden yet?
  2. What kinds of things do you plant in your garden?
  3. Do your kids help you?

Breastfeeding Twins – Weaning Twins

creating family memories

I have thought a few times recently that I need to write about weaning the twins. I wrote here about breastfeeding twins and what it looked like from my perspective.

I read this article that Meg wrote about weaning her baby and I wanted to respond in the comments, but my response would be too long for a simple comment.

The twins are going to be 4 in May. We have whittled our way down to a morning and evening nurse (on a good day). We only nurse on my bed. There are days where they will ask for more. There are nights when they will ask for more. It’s a work in progress.

During the day, we go through a list now: 

  • do you need mommy (or daddy) to play with you?
  • are you thirsty?
  • are you hungry?
  • are you tired?
  • do you need a cuddle?

Most of the time we find something on the list that works.

During the night, it is harder. It’s harder to say no at night. They cry and I want them to go right back to sleep and not wake up the rest of the house. I am trying to wait a few minutes before giving in and it is working (sometimes).

I want to completely drop all night waking and nursing first and then move on to the last two feeds. We are so close.

  • We have talked about nursing only in mummies room. (unless you are bleeding from your nose and then you can nurse anywhere you want).
  • We have talked about them being big kids now and how the nummies won’t be there forever.
  • We have talked about them needing to finish nursing so we can move on to potty training (all 3 of my big boys toilet trained very quickly at the age of 4). The twins love peeing in the tiny potty at bath time, so it won’t be long now.

I will be honest, I had no intention of nursing beyond three. Hosanna had so many allergies and needed the comfort when she woke with itchy eczema feet and ankles that it just worked for us. It was easier to nurse and go back to sleep. Well, with twins… what one wants, the other expects.

I am just spent, done, ready to quit, but I have learned from past nursing experiences (3 older boys) that FOR ME dropping the feeds slowly and making the experience end well is what I really want. I don’t want to quit in frustration (which I totally have been tempted to do MANY times over the last little while).

I want the end that I had with Malachi. It was a gentle wean and one day I realized it was over and it was okay. Malachi and I nursed through many changes and transitions in our family and it worked really well for us. He nursed until around his third birthday. I remember sitting on his bed one day trying to remember the last time we had nursed and then I realized it was over, but it was okay.

I also think about if the twins will be our last babies (yes, I know they are not babies any more, humor me). I am nearing 40. Elisha keeps reminding me that I will be 40 in the year he turns 13. Oh, isn’t that lovely! It makes me feel a little old to realize that next year I will have a teenager. Where did the time go? So, I have been thinking about the twins possibly being our last babies and while I am tired and only just now getting my brain back, I am a wee bit sad.

Babies are so much fun. They bring life and energy to any home, but they are also a ton of work and wrought with sleepless nights. I would love to have more babes, but that is not up to me, it’s up to God.

Back to the article that Meg wrote on her blog. I loved it. I also wanted to offer hope. She mentioned that she was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I was diagnosed with PCOS a very long time ago (I was in my late teens) and we have had 5 beautiful babies. We have also had 3 very emotional miscarriages. I don’t know if the miscarriages are related to the PCOS or not, but it is not the doctor or the diagnoses that decides if you have more babes or not. Just keep that in mind.

I would love to hear your breastfeeding/weaning stories if you want to share them in the comments or leave a link to blog posts you have written. 

Workboxes – Large Family Style


I have not done a workbox post for a very long time. Too long. We are easing in to a new way of doing workboxes and I have not figured it all out yet. What I can tell you is that the kids have crates now. The bottom shelf is missing from the picture above (it contains my mama crate and Zion’s crate).

Right now the crates are acting as a storage bin for each child’s work, but I want them to be so much more. I am scouring through the Workbox Blogroll to see the ways other mamas are modifying their systems to work for them, hoping for something to truly inspire me.

Workbox Blogroll

Here are some mamas who used crates for the workboxes system at least at some point (and some may still be using them):

I am not married to the crates, but I have them and I would like to give them a good try because they fit our space (aka lack of space) nicely. Now that we have taken a little break from the Workbox System and rearranged our main working room a million times, I am ready to revisit workboxes with our family.


I am really excited.

What are you using for your workboxes?
What are you putting in your workboxes?
How are you using workboxes with your special needs children?