Things I Have Learned As A Mom

Things I've Learned As A Mom

  1. Dirt doesn’t kill my kids and sometimes they eat it on purpose.
  2. Playing in mud is what boys kids do.
  3. Kids can mess up a room faster that I can clean it.
  4. Kids can have a bath and still be sticky.
  5. A certain child likes to use a whole bottle of baby shampoo in every bath.
  6. Sometimes kids hide food in drawers (for later).
  7. My kids don’t like to write on paper but they LOVE drawing on walls.
  8. The meal I made last night, that the kids loved, they won’t touch today.
  9. The shoes will always fit perfectly at the store, but never when you get them home.
  10. My kids’ definition of clean is not the same as mine.
  11. Food doesn’t belong in pockets because it turns kinda gross.
  12. All the kids will need you as soon as you sit down to drink your coffee.
  13. Someone will need their stinky bum changed just as dinner is being served.
  14. You have to tell your kids what you expect from them EVERY SINGLE TIME you enter a store because they forget.
  15. Marbles are not meant to be swallowed.
  16. Lego doesn’t belong up your nose (and it’s hard to get out).
  17. Kids will eat vegetables, straight out of the garden, with dirt on them, but not on their plate for dinner.
  18. Boys will split the knees of every single pair of pants they own.
  19. Sugar is hard to vacuum out of your favorite chair and so is flour.
  20. Dumping out a whole bottle of pepper makes you sneeze and it hurts when you rub your eyes.
  21. Dumping brown sugar into a bin of Lego makes Mommy throw out the Lego.
  22. If the three year old can reach the fish food, she will dump the whole thing in the tank.
  23. Climbing into your brother’s crib, knocking it over, and breaking it means that you sleep on the mattress on the floor.
  24. Pulling all the stuffing out of your crib mattress means that you move to big beds too early.
  25. Baby locks are hard for adults, but not 2 year olds.
  26. Fridge locks don’t work.
  27. Just as you get to sleep at night someone will wake up needing you.
  28. You must learn to survive on 4-5 hours of sleep a night.
  29. You must learn to power nap.
  30. As soon as you go into the bathroom someone will need you.
  31. If you don’t get up and make breakfast someone will make ham and mustard bagels on your blogging notebook.
  32. God sends food in the mail (2 weeks ahead of time) because He knows you are going to need it.

What things have you learned as a mom?

Happenings At Our House

I have no idea where the time goes. We no sooner start a week and it is over. I blink and wonder where the time has gone.

  1. I recently had a lovely visit with a sweet homeschool mother (and some of her children) and gained some Godly wisdom.
  2. There is a new woman’s ministry starting up in our complex and I was thrilled to be asked to be part of it.
  3. We flipped the living room, yet again, trying to find more space for our schooling. This place is just too small.
  4. My curriculum planning meeting with our support teacher is over now and I have the go ahead to order next year’s materials. I have been making a list – 2012 to 2013 Curriculum – but be warned, I need to purge that list before I do any ordering.
  5. Friday I had a guest post over at Mom’s Mustard Seeds – Letting God Rule Your Curriculum .
  6. I also had a guest post over at Homeschool Blogging – Make People Read Your Blog – Navigation .
  7. Hosanna (3) broke her middle toe by dropping Elisha’s hand weight on it. It was bright purple and very swollen, but it is looking a little better now.
  8. Jonah finally got outside with the kids to tend to the front garden (the neighbor cats were making it their new potty).
  9. We made the decision to no longer have a television in our living room and gave away our giant entertainment center. (I still have a television in my room).
  10. We have a rental inspection tomorrow morning, so the house is getting a spring cleaning from top to bottom.
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Planning Your Homeschool Day

How do you plan your homeschool day?

Are you a fly by the seat of your pants (or skirt) kind of gal or do you write everything day and neatly check things off your list?

Maybe you fall somewhere in between the two extremes? (that’s me)

Whatever your homeschool planning method, I have probably found a planner just for you.

Free planning materials:

Paid planning materials:

Now you have no excuse for getting more organized!

Which planner do you use? Something not listed here?

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Party Time

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Tech Tuesday

Movie Making 101


Malachi is 8, soon to be nine and he is so excited. Well, soon being August and I don’t know what is special about nine, but he is looking forward to it. That wasn’t what I wanted to talk about today though.

Malachi loves army men, knights and castles, and Star Wars. He got some Star Wars Lego for Christmas and he has carted it around the house in a small bucket just about everyday. If he is not playing with a bucket full of Lego he is setting up a battle scene with his army men, but that is a story for another day.

On this day, not today, but the day he took this picture, he was making a movie with my camera. Not just any movie, Lego stop motion animation. Malachi is creative with the camera and takes interesting shots or whatever he is shooting. He had his whole movie set designed in Lego and the characters were having quite the battle. Let me tell you, any day around here sounds like a war zone with our boys and their mouth noises.

Malachi's movie set

I loved this shot that he took because it is a really creative angle (with daddy in the background). Apparently some of the characters were already taken down in the gun fight.

Malachi loves taking pictures, he always has. It has taken some training and discussion for him to learn what is appropriate and what is not, but I am pretty sure he could grow up to be a photographer. Well, he could be a photographer unless he decides to direct movies or be a foley artist (because he is really good at that too).

I want to be the mom who encourages her children to follow their dreams and for some of them this involves technology. How do you use technology in your homeschool? Leave me a note in the comments or write a post and leave your link in the comments.

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