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Keep us in Prayer

We have been doing our utmost in running our business and getting ready to homeschoolour kids. The biggest thing in our life right now is Honey having these headaches. The headaches stream from the lumps she has on one side of her head. The lumps are more like slight bulges, but they bring much discomfort to her.

Some days are good and some days are bad. The biggest part is it is affecting her ability to think and focus on work. Lately she has been crocheting a quilt for our bed as a way to cope.

SO I am asking you, our readers, and family to keep praying. She is having an appointment to explore what these lumps are. Pray that we find out what the lumps are. Also keep our family and work in prayer as we walk through this.


Jonah Brown


Jesus follower, wife of 1, mama of 5, homeschooler, writer, painter, graphic designer, crochet lover...


Luke Holzmann


Lord, continue to provide in the midst of this difficult time. May Your grace and goodness be evident. Give the doctors wisdom and insight as they try to figure out what’s going on with these headaches. And may the whole family be able to continue to move forward with what You have called them to do even through this time of medical uncertainty. Amen.


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