An Easy Menu Planner

I was on Pinterest for a brief moment today and found this menu planning idea. While I loved the concept, I do like to plan more than 4 meals per week and I wanted something a bit more colorful and fun.

So, I set about to create my own menu planner. The one below is a screen shot of the one that I made. Read the rest of the post because I have a surprise for you at the end. What's For Dinner

I love the idea that you can write your dinner meals across the top and then you write your grocery list for each meal underneath. Then you take the list/meal plan to the grocery store with you. When you are all finished grocery shopping, you can put the list up on your fridge. I love this idea.

So often I make a meal plan and a separate grocery list only to lose both of them before we actually make any of the meals that I have planned. It’s one piece of paper which saves me from double work. Did I mention that I love this idea?

The other benefit I see to this is that daddy knows what meals I have planned for the week, while he is shopping, and can add any appropriate extras or compensate accordingly as he shops.

 Since I thought you might like it too, I have created a free printable for you. Let me know me what you think in the comments.

What’s For Dinner FREE DOWNLOAD [Download not found]

How do you do your meal planning? Do you have a favorite routine?

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  1. Terri
    Terri says:

    Thank you! I found this via a web search. This is exactly the type of printable I was looking for: one that I could have the meal at the top, the ingredients on hand for that meal underneath and the things I needed to buy somewhere else. Thank you for creating it and sharing it.

  2. misty oenema
    misty oenema says:

    I love this!! I was just looking for something just like this!! For some reason I can’t clink the link to download it though :(


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