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This week we are talking about resources for doing speech therapy at home. I am exploring the different speech therapy resources available to help my son Malachi.

We have also talked about iPad apps for speech therapy and printables for speech therapy.

My kids love it when I play games and activities with them. I love it when I can sneak a learning activity in without them realizing that they are “doing school.”

I found some great ideas for speech and languages games and activities on these sites:

What are your favorite games and activities to use with your children (for speech or other learning activities)? 

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  1. Vikki
    Vikki says:

    You might also take a look at Speechtails (.com) – I use it at home in my daycare and love it!
    Amy Reno, the SLP, has tons of great tips, activities, and lists of books to add to your day for speech help. It is really cool.
    Thank you for your suggestions! I love them!!!
    Also, I just saw a post on their facebook page for another activity using pictures and dried rice and a straw. Looks fun!
    Keeo’em coming, Thanks!


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