Lego Up The Nose… What next?

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What is it with my kids and noses right now? Zion injured his nose recently and I wrote on Facebook about how Malachi stuck a Skittle up his nose.

This morning Hosanna stuck a tiny round lego up her tiny nose.

Zion came into my room and asked me to wipe his nose (we have colds) and then Hosanna came in and asked me to wipe her nose.

As Hosanna was leaving the room, I heard her say, “What about the Lego?” I shot up straight in bed and started freaking. Lego in the nose? Oh please let this be a dream.

Jonah tried the tweezers, but her nose is so tiny that it was next to impossible.

I called my mama because she has experience in dealing with things up noses. No, she didn’t stick anything up her nose, I did. I stuck a crayon up my nose when I was little.

My mama took me to the doctor and the doctor said, “I’m going to plug her nostril and blow in her mouth.” (or something like that). And it worked.

Apparently I didn’t learn because when I got home I told my mama that I stuck another crayon up my nose. She told me it would just have to stay there because she wasn’t going to the doctor again. (to the best of my knowledge I don’t still have a crayon up my nose, so I must have been joking – my poor mama).

Okay, back to Hosanna.

We tried a couple of times with the tweezers and thenI had called my mama. Now it was time to try plugging one nostril and blowing in her mouth. I tried that a couple of times and then Jonah tried the tweezers again. Then in one last ditch effort I tried blowing in her mouth again. And out flies this tiny round Lego covered with boogers and just a tinge of blood (from the tweezers I think).

I called my mama back in relief. I did not want a doctor’s visit this morning…

And I wondered what I would find to blog about today. So what exciting things are happening in your life today? 

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4 thoughts on “Lego Up The Nose… What next?

  1. I know you probably don’t think it’s funny right now, but I had to chuckle a bit. :)
    When my son was little (but not so little that he shouldn’t have known better) he stuck a popcorn kernel in his ear just to see what would happen. Turned out we did have to make a trip to the ER so it could be removed. The doctor told us stories of what kids shove in their noses. Typically it’s food, but they’ve also retrieved Match Box cars (how????) and plastic army men. If it fits, huh?

    1. In between prayers I was laughing. A popcorn kernel in the ear sounds bad. My hubby got a q-tip end stuck in his ear once (but you did not hear that from me). Tiny army men I can see, but Match Box cars? Oh my.


  2. This happened to us IN CHURCH. My daughter stuck a bead up her nose and we had the cart the whole crew (5 kids) out during the sermon. I Googled and found the same answer that you tried and it worked. That was after trying pepper to get her to sneeze.

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