14 Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine's Day Activities

Are you looking for the perfect activity to do with with your kids this Valentine’s Day? You might just find it on this list.

  1. Sequencing Hearts By Size
  2. Valentine Heart Lacing Cards
  3. Valentine’s Craft Basket
  4. Sparkly Kool Aid Play Dough Valentine’s Tutorial
  5. Why Don’t You Make Potato Stamp Valentine’s Day Cards?
  6. Happy Heart Flags
  7. Cutting Hearts
  8. Valentine Hearts Letter Match Game
  9. Valentine Heart Hop
  10. Valentine’s Count And Clip Cards
  11. Valentine File Folder Sight Word Match Up
  12. Valentine’s Heart Math
  13. Heart Patterns: A Valentine’s Day Math Activity
  14. Roll A Love Bug Game

What other activities are you doing for Valentine’s Day?


My Favorite Posts From The Homeschool Classroom

Homeschool Classroom

I was doing some research at the Homeschool Classroom recently and I found all these inspiring posts that I had read and forgotten about or in some cases, missed completely. There were so many amazing posts that I thought I would make a list of my favorites and share them with you.

You will have to hop over the the Homeschool Classroom to see which posts were my favorites. I’ll give you a hint those, none of these ones were written by me (although, I like my posts too).