Bedtimes Past

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In a recent post, Crafting A Bedtime Routine That Works, I wrote about the bedtime routine with the twins. The Tadey shared a comment about her dream bedtime and how it wasn’t happening the way she would like.

I don’t want any of you to think that we haven’t and don’t have our struggles, so I will share more of our bedtime story.

Elisha is our oldest and he has autism and ADHD. For several years he would be awake until 11pm and up at 4am. Not only would he be up early, but he would be horribly demanding for food and wake up the entire house. He could not occupy himself at all. Thankfully, he has improved greatly in this area.

Now Elisha stays up late and can be a bit annoying as we are trying to get the little people to bed, but for the most part he can get himself ready for bed and isn’t too much of a bug in the morning.

Elisha has his own room. Moses, Malachi, and Zion share a room. Hosanna has her own room, but spends most of her time in our bed (we are working hard to move her to her own room again).

Moses had a rough start. As a young baby he had severe rashes all over, but mostly on his face. He would wake screaming and needed cream and medication round the clock. Moses thankfully outgrew his rashes, but still has some allergies. He is now one of my better sleepers. He gets tired early and puts himself to bed. He really needs his sleep or he gets cranky.

Malachi has always been one of my better sleepers. He has been known to just curl up somewhere and go to sleep. He really values his snuggle time with me and always tries to use that card to stay up just a wee bit longer (and I usually give in). One time we even lost him because he curled up in a pile of blankets on my bedroom floor. We looked everywhere and couldn’t find him and he was sound asleep all cozy.

When the twins were little babies they slept in the same bassinet. When they were a bit bigger they shared a crib. The the twins moved to their own cribs and from there they went to their own room.

The twins moved on to big beds much earlier than I would have liked because they managed to pull all of the stuffing out of their crib mattresses in one day during nap time.

Zion has always been a pretty good sleeper, but Hosanna has had trouble with her skin since she was a little baby. She gets really itchy when she is tired. She had severe eczema over much of her body for a long time. It has significantly improved since she was a babe (mostly her ankles and random other spots now).

We spent a great amount of time during her first year of life visiting the doctor, the ped, the allergist, the dermatologist, getting blood work and a variety of tests. Needless to say she has not been the greatest sleeper. She is often itchy at night and wakes fussing and unable to get back to sleep (without nursing), but even that is improving.

Sleep has been an off and on issue in our house. We have never had a decent bedtime routine that we have been able to keep consistently. I am a night owl and need time to myself to sort out my brain before I go to bed. Thankfully, right now we don’t have any early risers.

The reason I shared about our bedtime routine was because inside I felt like it was a small victory. We finally had something that I had always wanted for our house. Something is still missing though, I want to have a more involved bedtime for the bigger boys, but I am not sure exactly how to make that happen. I need to put the big boys to bed around the same time as the twins because if I don’t the twins get woken up.

After the last post I felt great that I had this new found bedtime routine with the twins, but I also felt a wee bit sad that the big boys were excluded from that. They probably wouldn’t enjoy that routine, but I am sure they would enjoy some kind of routine with us. I am thinking about this and will let you know if I come up with something that works for our family.

I made this list of things to do in the morning a couple of years ago when the kids were a bit younger. It helped some at the time.

Ideas are welcome if you have any. How does sleep happen (or not happen) at your house?

Sleep Of The Mama

This was written some night last week. No, I don’t remember the date, but I could check the email I sent myself from the iPad if you really want to know.

On with the story…

With my head on my pillow and my eyes closed tight, I try desperately to find sleep. On one side of me is my snoring husband enjoying his slumber and on the other is Zion, whimpering and whining because his cough is making him feel yucky. Hosanna is sandwiched between my husband and I, sprawled all over the bed, and her one desire is to have more nummies, but we are trying hard to wean. I try to redirect her back to sleep and it actually works.

My eyes are closed, but my head is full of thoughts. Lists of things to do tomorrow dance in my head. I suppose that I could count the lists instead of sheep? It is my own fault hat I am wide awake. I fell asleep for three hours while nursing the twins to sleep. I was so tired that I totally crashed and now sleep is alluding me.

Tired of trying to sleep, I crept quietly out of the room to find some place uninhabited by sleeping children and typed this on the iPad. The iPad is surprisingly quiet to type with, thankfully. As I found my secret night writing spot, I was greeted by Tizzie needing some late night tummy scratching. I give the kitty some needed attention and she moves on as usual.

Now that this post is out of my head, maybe I will find sleep? (Actually, I went on to draft 6 more posts). How is sleep at your house these days?

Minimize Monday

Minimize Monday

I found this meme last week, but didn’t get my act together to actually put up a post. I did actually go through the laundry last week and get rid of a big black garbage bag of clothes to the thrift store.

This week, I went through my art supplies last week and was able to give my sister a decent supply of water color paper and huge bag full of water color tubes. She is working on some current projects and they came in really useful. I had an over abundance due to a generous freecyler whose mother had stopped painting (I love freecycle).

I was just thinking today that we need to do a declutter of the ENTIRE house again. We don’t buy much stuff, so I often wonder if it multiplies in the night when we aren’t looking.

I think this weekly declutter challenge is just what I need to get motivated and the time chunk is certainly manageable (and motivating).

I am linking up with Minimize Monday with Mommy Moment.

Garden Play Area

We have a small backyard and I would love for it to be more interesting for the kids. I came across this picture a very long time ago and it is very inspiring for me. With spring quickly approaching (okay, maybe just in my imagination), I thought I would share this idea with you.

Take a moment and look at this cute little backyard space. Let me know what you think? Would it work in a 20×20 backyard with limited grass space?

Kid Funny

Creating Family Memories

Grandma took the big boys (Elisha, Moses, Malachi) out for lunch one day last week.The waitress came to the table to ask the kids what they wanted for dessert. She told them that they had a choice between ice cream, M&M’s, and Skittles. Malachi answered, “I don’t want ice cream because it will put my blood pressure up.”