Our Wedding Video

We produced our wedding video from 15 years ago.  We have been wanting to make a digital version from the VHS for years and when we saw the opportunity to produce it for a contest. It gave us a good push.


Jonah Brown


Housecleaning Time

Oh, that should read “Blog Housecleaning Time.” Another school year has come to a close. Summer is here. We are rearranging and repurposing rooms in our house, so it’s a good time to clean up the blog too.

Changes In The House

As for the house, we are moving all our homeschool shelves into the basement and purging and organizing all the school supplies between now and September. Half the living room will be sitting area and the other half will be our new office/design studio.

Elisha and Moses are sharing a room, Malachi and Zion are sharing a room, and Hosanna has a room of her own. She’s not too thrilled about being alone in their so we are working on a pretty princess theme.

The kitchen now has a small sitting area for kids to play Xbox and watch Netflix. It’s small, very small, but gives them another place to hang out besides the living room.

Changes On The Blog

We are bringing in content from some of our other projects and sprucing up Sunflower Schoolhouse. This is a really exciting project that my husband is helping with. He is doing the grunt work of content transferring.

This is a big summer project, so expect us to be under construction until the fall and please excuse the mess. This summer project will be nestled in between a boys only glamping trip, a girly, chick flick, nail painting, movie night, a day at the rock climbing wall and some zipline fun with the older boys and daddy, a family camping trip with USA cousins, and fabric design classes with our Canadian cousins. Oh what a fun summer this will be.

Have You Been Touched?

When I went to Russia, back 20 years ago (has it really been that long?), I had gypsy girls with babies on their backs trying to sell me their babies in the Palace Square of the Hermitage (Winter Palace).

I found this video in my Facebook feed today (go watch the video –>  What Would You Do?) and it reminded me of that moment back in Russia.

Watching the video also reminded me of Sarah Mae and the organization that she helps (The Exodus Road) and the posts she has written about rescuing victims of trafficking (read the articles –> The Exodus Road).

And I realized that I had been touched by the gypsy girls way back so many years ago and I had done nothing!

So, I thought… am I going to be touched again… and DO NOTHING? Or am I going to do something, anything, to help? Am I going to use my gifts and talents to make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the world? How can I step into action like Sarah Mae and Kristen Welch who started Mercy House Kenya?

Thinking about Sarah Mae reminded me of Kristen Welch (this is beginning to sound like the “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” book) and it reminded me that I had been touched before. Am I not listening or just very distracted by my full North American life of privilege? I want to think that I have been distracted by autism and children with special needs, a home business, health issues, but that still leaves me with NO EXCUSE.

As a family we have been given so much. We have been richly blessed. I have spent the past 2 days going through and rearranging STUFF in our living room. I can honestly say that we have STUFF in abundance. Just in case you are wondering, I am not one to frequent malls or shops, but stuff just finds us.

Part of the rearranging is to create a home office and art studio for our business (Honeycomb Design Studio) so that we can be more effective in our work as we grow our business.

It has been on my heart for some time to DO SOMETHING. A pulling, a tugging, a serious nagging. I know that persistence. It’s God. It’s like He’s saying, “It’s time. What are you going to do? I have given you talents. I have given you resources. How are you going to make a difference?”

I don’t have clear direction, and I haven’t even discussed this whole poking and prodding of my heart with my husband yet, but I wanted to get my thoughts out before they evaporated and I was distracted AGAIN.

This time, I am going to DO SOMETHING.

More soon…

Have you been touched? What are you doing?